"       in Operator Name Table                      177
        with string literals                        130
,   (See also XPACOM) in Operator Name Table        177
        precedence of                             69-70
        with array, in ONT                          180
        with PRINT                                   98
$       In hexadecimal                              115
        in Operator Name Table                      177
        in variable names                         15,46
    (See alphabetic entry for terms 
        that begin with “:”, like :LPRSCAN)          58
        in Operator Name Table                      177
        with PRINT                                   98
;       in Operator Name Table                      177
        with PRINT                                   98
#       in Operator Name Table                      178
        with PRINT                                   98
<=  (See also XPLE, XPSLE)                       178-79
<>  (See also XPNE, XPSNE)                      178-179
>=  (See also XPGE, XPSGE)                       178-79
<   (See also XPLT, XPSLT) in ABML                34-39
        in Operator Name Table                   178-79
        precedence of                                56
>   (See also XPGT, XPSGT) in ABML                34-39
        in Operator Name Table                   178-79
        precedence of                                56
=   (See also XPEQ, XPSEQ)                  41-42,58-64
        in Operator Name Table                   178-79
        precedence of                             55-56
^       in Operator Name Table                      178
        precedence of                       55-56,58-64
*   (See also XPMUL, FMUL, FRMUL ‘*’)
        in Operator Name Table                      178
        precedence of                       55-56,58-64
        in Operator Name Table                      178
        unary                            179,Appendix B
        precedence of                       55-56,58-64

        in Operator Name Table                      178
        unary                            179,Appendix B
/   (See also XPDIV, FDIV, FRDIV)                   178
        in variable names                         15,46
        mathematical, in Operator Name Table        179
        precedenre of                             69-70
        string, array, DIM, and fonction, in ONT 179-80
        tokens for                                   70
)   (See also XPRPRN)
        in Operator Name Table                      179
        precedence of                             69-70
:=                                                34-37
|                                              34,37,41
=<                                                   56
!       as EOE operator                     34-35,58-64
?                                                    95


6502 microprocessor                              1-2,40


AADD                                          202,$AF52
AADR                                              66-68
AAPSTR                                        191,$AB98
ABS (See also XPABS)                         69,180,206
Absolute Non-Terminal Vector (See ANTV)
ABML (Atari BASIC Meta-Language)               33-34,37
AD                                           Appendix A
addition (See FADD, FRADD)
ADR                                                 180
AMUL                                          202,$AF5D
AMUL 2                                        202,$AF46
AND (See also XPAND)                             89,179
ANTV (in ABML)                             40-42,44,162
APHM                                       13,141,$000E
application high memory                              13
ARGOPS                                  23,66,143,$0080
ARGP2                                         192,$AC06
ARGPOP                                        192,$ABF2
ARGPUSH                                    65,191,$ABBA
ARGSTK                                  23,66,143,$0080
arguments                                            56
Argument Stack                              12,23,56-67
     entry format                                 66-68
     example of use                               56-64
arithmetic assignment operator (See XPAASN)
arithmetic expressions                         12,55-65
array variables          15-16,18,66-67,69-70,106-7,127
Array/String Table (See String/Array Table)
ARSLVL                                     66,144,$00AA
ARSTKX                                        144,$00AA
ASC (See also XPASC)                            180,204
ASCIN                                         246,$D800
ASLA:                                        Appendix A
assembler                                             2
assembly language                                   2-3
ATAN[X]                                       244,$BE77
       as a high-level language                     2-5
       location in memory                            14
       Meta-Language (ABML)                          33
       ROM pointer                            143,$A000
Atari cartridge vectors                             272
ATASCII                           9,47,88,90,116,135-36
AT LINE (in error message)              74,231-32,$B9AE
ATN (See also XPATN, ATAN)                  180,207,244
AUXn (i.e., AUXI, AUX2, etc.)                    99-100


BASIC ROM pointer                             143,$A000
binary                                       115,119-20
blanks in program lines                           27,29
block move routines                               20-23
BNF                                                  33
BREAK                                         50,96,101
BRKBYT                                101,110,143,$0011
buffer (See also INBUFF, OUTBUFF, LBUFF)      13,65,145
bugs                           Preface,20-21,Appendix B
BYE (See also XBYE, :SBYE)                          105
BYELOC                                        143,$E471
byte                                             119-20
BYTE:                                        Appendix A


CALPRN                                               70
carriage return character                           177
cartridge vectors                                   272
CDLPRN                                               70
CDSLPR                                               70
CFLPRN                                               70
Change Last Token (In ABML)                       41-42
CIING (in ABML)                            41-42,45,162
CHR$ (See also XPCHR)                           180,205
CIO                           25,65,91,93,102,143,$E456
CIX                                   26,29-30,43,45,47
CLOAD (See also XCLOAD, :SCLOAD)                 84,237
CLOG                                                180
CLOSE (See also XCLOSE, :SCLOSE)            100,146,239
CLPEN                                                70
CLR (See also XCLR, :SCLR)                   83,103,224
CLSALL                                        242,$BD41
CLSYS1                                     99,241,$BCF1
CLSYSD                                        241,$BCF1
COLDSTART                      86,101,109-110,147,$A000
    execution                                    91,233
    memory location                     91-92,144,$00C8
color registers (See also CREGS)              91-92,143
COMMON (unused command; See XCOM, :SCOM)
compiler                                             34
constants                                     33-34,130
CONT (See also XCONT, :SCONT)                 71-72,225
:CONT2                             183,Appendix B,$A954
:CONT3                             183,Appendix B,$A950
:CONT4                             183,Appendix B,$A958
CONTLOW                           20-23,31,77,182,$A8FB
CONTRACT               20-22,28,182-83,$A8FD,Appendix B
      ASCII to floating point           145,$00ED-$00F1
      decimal to hexadecimal                     116-17
      floating point to ASCII (See also CVFASC)  250-52
      floating point to integer
          (See also CVFPI, FPI)              197,253-55
      hexadecimal to decimal                        116
      integer to floating point (See also CVIFP) 252-53
COPEN                                         237,$BBB6
COS (See also XPCOS, COS[X])            105,180,207,243
COS[X]                                        243,$BDB1
COX                   26,27-30,43,45,48,97-98,144,$0094
CPC                                 43-44,144,153,$009D
CPU stack                           43,51,74-75,109-110
CREGS                                         143,$02C4
CRTGI                                         143,$BFF9
CSAVE (See also XCSAVE, :SCSAVE)                 84,237
CSLPRN                                               70
Current Program Counter (See CPC)
CVAFP                                      96,246,$D800
CVFASC                                     98,250,$D8E6
CVFPI (See also FPI)                          197,$AD56
CVIFP                                         252,$D9AA
:CVFR0                                        263,$DC70


D1                                            169,$A705
DATA (See also XDATA, :SDATA)       103-104,110,131,140
DATAD                               103-4,110,144,$00B6
DATALN                              103-4,110,144,$00B7
DCBORG                                        143,$0300
debugger                                              2
decimal                                          115-17
:DECINB                                       265,$DCC1
definition in language creation                   33-34
DEG (See also XDEG, :SDEG)                  105,145,211
DEGFLG                                        145,$00FB
deleting lines                                       28
DEND                                              81-82
DIM (See also XDIM, :SDIM)                 16-17,66,127
      and “(” operator                           70,197
      effects on tables                           16-17
      execution                               106-7,210
DIMENSION TOO SMALL error (See also ERRDIM)          96
direct statement                         32,49,51-52,74
DIRFLG                               26,30-32,144,$00A6
Disk Device Dependent Note Command                  100
division (See FDIV, FRDIV, ‘/’)
DOS (See also XDOS, :SDOS)                      105,109
DOSLOC                                        143,$000A
DPEEK                                               122
DPOKE                                               122
DRAWTO (See also XDRAWTO, :SDRAWTO)       92-93,144,233
deus ex machina                                40-41,46
DSPFLG                                        143,$02FE
DST                                               81-82
DVVT                                              81-82


ECHNG                                      45,154,$A2BA
Editor (See Program Editor)
ELADVC                                     83,235,$BADD
END (See also XEND, :SEND)                    71-72,225
End Of Expression (See EOE operator)
end-of-statement token (See also EOS)                76
ENDSTAR                                   139,143,$008E
ENDVVT                                        143,$0088
English                                              37
ENTDTD                                  85-86,110,$00B4
ENTER (See also XENTER, :SENTER)      23,25,123,128,141
     device                                    71,85-86
     execution                                85-86,235
EOE operator                                      57-66
EOL character                58,95-96,98,99-100,143,177
EOPUSH                                     65,189,$AB15
EOS                                           169,$A6F8
EOS2                                          173,$A773
EPCHAR                                              143
      ICCOM value                                   146
      ICSTA value                                   146
      miscellaneous                                 143
      Run Stack                                     147
      variables                                     147
ERBRTN                                        230,$B920
ERGFDE                                        230,$B922
ERGFDEL                                 77,79,224,$B74A
ERLTL                                         230,$B924
ERNOFOR                                    78,230,$B926
ERNOLN                                     75,230,$B928
ERNTV                                      44,152,$A201
ERON                                          230,$B93E
EROVFL                                        230,$B92A
ERRAOS                                        230,$B92C
ERRDIM                                    106,230,$B92E
ERRDNO                                        230,$B918
ERRINP                                     96,230,$B930
ERRLN                                         230,$B932
:ERRM1                                        231,$B961
:ERRM2                                     71,231,$B974
ERRNSF                                     83,230,$B916
ERRNUM                             72,101,110,144,$0089
ERROOD                                    104,230,$B934
ERROR                           71,88,101,106,231,$B940
error handling                                    73-74
       and DATA-READ                                104
       and DIM                                      106
       and GOTO                                      75
       and INPUT                                     96
       and LOAD                                      83
       and SETCOLOR                                  91
       and SOUND                                     93
       and TRAP                                  73,231
       execution                                    231
       in I/O                               101,109,146
       in line processing                      25-26,28
       in LISTing                                    88
       in statement processing                    29-30
       in syntactical analysis                    38-39
       messages                                     230
       missing FOR entry                             78
       missing GOSUB entry                           79
       missing line number                           77
       that stops program                         73-74
ERRPTL                                     83,230,$B91A
ERRSAV                                        144,$00C3
ERSVAL                                        230,$B91C
ERVAL                                   91,93,230,$B93A
ESRT (in ABML)                          40-41,44,47,162
EVEN                                          249,$D8CE
EXECNL                               32,49,75,183,$A95F
EXECNS                                        183,$A962
Execute Expression
     (See also EXEXPR)              12,55-70,105,189-90
Execution Control                49-54,75,77,83,183-185
EXECUTION OF GARBAGE error (See also XERR)          106
executor (See Program Executor)
EXEOL                                         184,$A989
EXEXPR                                  64-65,189,$AAE0
EXNXT                                      65,189,$AAE0
EXOP                                    65,69,190,$AB20
EXOPOP                                     65,189,$AB0B
EXOT                                       65,189,$AAEE
EXP (See also XPEXP)                            180,208
:EXP                                          162,$A60D
EXP[X]                                        268,$DDC0
EXP10[X]                                      268,$DDCC
EXPAND             20-21,106-7,144,181,$A881,Appendix B
EXPINT                                     65,190,$AB2E
EXPL                                          173,$A76C
EXPL1                                         173,$A76F
EXPLOW                         20-22,31,77-78,181,$A87F
exponential operatoc (i.e., A**B; See XPPOWER)
expressions (See also Execute Expression)
      in ABML                                        34
      rearrangement of                            55-65
Expression Non-Terminal Vector (See VEXP)
Expression Rearrangement Procedure
      (See also expressions rearrangement of)       57

EXPTST                                     65,189,$AAFA
EXSVOP                                     65,144,$00AB
EXSVPR                                        144,$00AC
External Subroutine Call (See ESRT)


FADD                                          255,$DA66
FAIL                                    44-45,153,$A26C
false (See XFALSE, :FALSE)
:FALSE                                        224,$B788
FDB:                                         Appendix A
FDIV                                          259,$DB28
      LIST-ENTER format (See FLIST)
      SAVE-LOAD format                            81-82
FIXRSTK                                    226-27,$B825
FLIST                                         235,$BAD5
floating point                                   226-27
       add (See FADD, FRADD)
       ASCII to fp conversion           145,$00ED-$00F1
       fp to ASCII conversion        250-52,$D8E6-$D9A9
       fp to integer conversion      253-55,$D9D2-$DA5F
       comparisons                               196-97
       divide (See FDIV, FRDIV)
       in ROM                 14,143,246-72,$D800-$DFF6
       integer to fp conversion      252-53,$D9AA-$D9CF
       load/store                                   267
       multiply (See FMUL, FRMUL)
       routines                                  255-67
       subtract (See FSUB, FRSUB)
       zero page work area          143,145,$00D2-$00EC
FLOG10                                        270,$DF01
FMOVER                             183,Appendix B,$A947
FMUL                                          257,$DADB
:FNZERO                                       264,$DCA4
FOR (See also XFOR, :SFOR)                           12
       entry on Runtime Stack        18-19,76-77,133-34
       execution                           77-78,220-21
       tricks with                                  131
FPI                                           233,$D9D2
FPORG                                     143,246,$D800
FR0                                           145,$00D4
FR0M                                          145,$00D5
FR1                                           145,$00E0
FR1M                                          143,$00E1
FR2                                           145,$00E6
FRAnn (i.e., FRA10, FRA20)                    266,$DD01
FRADD                                         169,$AD3B
FRCMP                                         196,$AD35
FRDIV                                         196,$AD4D
     floating point memory location           145,$00DA
     function (See also XPFRE)                  180,204
FRMUL                                         196,$AD47
FRSUB                                         196,$AD41
FRUN                                          236,$BAF7
FS                                            172,$A751
FSTEP                                         168,$A6DE
FSUB                                          255,$DA60
Function Name Table                                 180
functions (See entry under individual function name)


GDIO1                                     101,239,$BC22
GDVCIO                                100-101,239,$BC1D
GET (See also XGET, :SGET)        97,146,239,Appendix B
GET1                               239,Appendix B,$BC82
GET1INT                                       192,$ABE9
GETADR                                     44,152,$A215
:GETCHAR                                      260,$DB94
:GETDIG                                       265,$DCB9
GETINT                                     99,192,$ABE0
GETLL                                   31,53,185,$A9DD
GETLNUM                                       151,$A19F
GETPINT                                       192,$ABD5
GETSTMT               31,52-53,54,75,87,103-4,184,$A9A2
GETTOK                                    128,190,$AB3E
:GETTOK                                 77,79,223,$B737
GETVAR                                        191,$AB89
GIOCMD                                     99,241,$BD04
GIODVC                                     99,240,$BC9F
GIOPRM                                        241,$BD02
GLINE                                         234,$BA89
GNLINE                                        234,$BA80
GNXTL                                31,51,53,185,$A9D0
GOSUB (See also XGOSUB, :SGOSUB)    12,43,79-80,103,127
    entry on Runtime Stack                 18-19,133-34
    execution                                 79,221-22
    in ABML                                       40,42
    in Operator Name Table                          178
GOTO (See also XGOTO, :SGOTO)     75,123,128,177,221-22
GRAPHICS (See also XGR, :SGR)                 86,91,234
grammar                                        33-35,37
:GRF                                          205,$B030
GRFBAS                                        143,$0270
GSTRAD                                        191,$AB9B
GVVTADR                                       193,$AC28


hexadecimal                                    2,115-17
high level languages                                  3
high memory address                                  13
HIMEM                                         143,$02E5
HMADR                                      13,143,$02E5


ICCOM                                         146,$0342
ICSTA                                         146,$0343
IF (See also XIF, :SIF)                      76,154,224
IFA                                           174,$A799
INBUFF                                23,25,47,86,91,98
                        95-96,143,145,213-14,Appendix B
INT (See also XPINT)                            180,206
interpreter                                       1,3-5
INVAR                                                46
I/0                             91-93,95-102,109,234-43
I/O Call Routine                        101-2,241,$BD0A
IOCB n (i.e., IOCB 0, IOCB 1, etc.)
     close all (See CLSALL)
     control block                      146,$0340-$0350
     ICCOM value equates                            146
     ICSTA value equates                            146
IOCBORG                                       143,$0340
IOCMD                                  99,102,144,$00C0
IODVC                                         144,$00C1
IOn (i.e., 101, 102, etc.)                 83,100,101-2
IOTEST                       86,91,93,100,101,240,$BCB3
ISVAR                                      46,241,$BD2F
ISVAR1                                    100,241,$BD2D


joysticks (See STICK, :STRIG)
JS                                           Appendix A


labels                                               34
      creation of                                 33-39
      problems with                                 1-2
      high level                                      3
LBUFF                                23,25,30,143,$0580
LDDVX                                         240,$BCA6
LDIOSTA                                       241,$BCFB
LELNUM                                     87,144,$00AD
LEN (See also XPLEN)                            180,203
LET (See also Execute Expression, XLET, :SLET)
LIFO (last-in, first-out) stack               12,43,133
Line Buffer                                    23,25-26
line number                              27-28,49-50,52
line processing                       25-28,31-32,95-96
LINE TOO LONG ereor (See also ERLTL)        25-26,43,48
LIST (See also XLIST, :SLIST)  15,25,123,128,129,139-40
       device                                    71,242
       entry in Runtime Stack                        19
       execution                       86-87,216-17,222
       subroutines                                88,90
LISTDTD                             86-87,110,144,$00B5
:LLINE                               87,88,218-19,$B55C
LLNGTH                               50,54,72,144,$009F
LMADR                                      13,143,$02E7
LOAD (See also XLOAD, :SLOAD)      81-86,109,123,139-40
       as block (See LSBLK)
       execution                              83-84,236
       file format                                81-82
LOADFLG                               109-110,144,$00CA
LOCAL:                                       Appendix A
LOCATE (See also XLOCATE, :SLOCATE)   92,240,Appendix B
LOG (See also XPLOG)                  180,208,270,$DECD
LOG10 (See also XPL10)                              208
LOG10[X]                                      270,$DED1
LOMEM                                            23,115
L1                                            176,$A7C0
low memory address                                   13
LPRINT (See also XLPRINT, :SLPRINT)           98-99,216
:LPRTOKEN                         71,88-89,90,218,$B535
:LPTWB                                        218,$B54F
LSBLK                                         237,$BB88
:LSCAN                               89-91,217-18,$B50C
LSRA:                                        Appendix A
:LSTMT                               88-89,219-20,$B590
L2                                            176,$A7C4


machine language                                    1-2
macros                                       Appendix A
mantissa                                            127
MAXCIX                                  26,29,144,$009F
MDESUP                                        265,$DCE0
MEMFULL                                       210,$B93C
memo pad                                            105
     management routines                          20-23
     organization                                 13-14
     pointer addresses                            13,83
MEMTOP                                  20-21,143,$0090
MEOLFLG                                       143,$0092
meta-language                                        33
MOD (See modulo)
modulo                                           120-22
multiplication (See FMUL, FRMUL, ‘*’)
multipurpose buffer                        13,65,82,110
:MV6RS                                        228,$B88F
MVFR0E                                        267,$DD34
MVFR12                                        266,$DD28
MVLNG                                    183,Appendix B


NEXT (See also SNEXT)                            18,131
     execution                             78-79,222-23
     in Pre-compiler                    43-45,151,$A1E2
NEW (See also XNEW, :SNEW)              109-110,123,128
NFP                                           164,$A672
NFSP                                          176,$A7CE
NFUN                                          164,$A65F
NFUSR                                         164,$A669
NIBSH0                                        261,$DBEB
NMAT                                          164,$A651
NMAT2                                         164,$A659
non-terminal                                      35,40
NOP                                           163,$A62E
NORM                                          262,$DC00
NOT (See also XPNOT)                     178,Appendix B
NOTE (See also XNOTE, :SNOTE)                   100,239
NSMAT                                         173,$A777
NSML                                          174,$A78C
NSML2                                         174,$A790
NSVAR                                         169,$A708
NSVRL                                         169,$A710
NSV2                                          170,$A714
NULL (in ABML)                                      162
numeric constants                                89,131
numeric variable                                 7-8,95
NV                                            162,$A622
NVAR                                          163,$A64C
NXSC                                       44,153,$A2A1
NXTSTD                               50,54,72,144,$00A7


ON (See also XON, :SON, ON1)                     80,226
ON1                                           173,$A768
OPD                                           171,$A72C
Operating System (OS)               13-14,92-93,105,109
Operator Execution Table (See also OPETAB)     9,187-89
Operator Name Table (See also OPNTAB)
Operator Precedence Table (See also OPRTAB)
                       9-10,56,137-38,193-94,Appendix B
Operator Stack                              12,23,56-67
      entry format                                   66
      example of use                              56-64
Operator Token (in ABML)                         42,131
operators                                         33-34
      array                                          69
      EOE                                         57-66
      BASIC functions as                             69
      execution of                                69-70
      precedence of                            56-64,69
      SOE                                         57-66
      token                                          89
OPETAB (See also Operator Execution Table)    187,$AA70
OPNTAB (See also Operator Name Table)  135-36,177,$A783
OPRTAB (See also Operator Precedence Table)
OPSTKX                                     66,144,$00A9
OR (See also XPOR)
      in ABML                              41,44-45,162
      in Operator Name Table                        179
OUTBUFF                     23,26-28,30-31,45,143,$0080


PADDLE (See also XPPDL)                         180,204
Pascal                                                3
pass/fail                                         37-40
PEEK (See also XPPEEK)     69,115,119-22,137-38,180,203
PEL                                           175,$A7A9
PELA                                          175,$A7B2
PES                                           175,$A7AC
PILOT                                                 3
:PL6RS                                        229,$B89E
PLOT (See also XPLOT, :SPLOT)                    92,234
PLYEVL                                        267,$DD40
POINT (See also XPOINT, :SPOINT)            100-101,239
     line preressing                              25-27
     memory                                          13
     multipurpose buffer                             65
     tables                               20,83,110,143
POKADR                                        144,$0095
POKE (See also XPOKE, :SPOKE)                       105
     execution                                  105,211
     how to use                                  119-22

polynomial evaluation (See also PLYEVL)             267
POP (See also XPOP, :SPOP)                       18,227
     BASIC command                                   80
     in Pre-compiler                       44,152,$A252
POP1                                          192,$AC0F
POPRSTK                              77,78-80,227,$B841
POSITION (See also XPOS, :SPOS)                  92,233
power of (See also XPPOWER)                       208-9
PR1                                           175,$A7A0
PR2                                           175,$A7A6
PRCHAR                                     89,235,$BA9F
PRCR                                          242,$BD6E
PRCX                                    92,99,235,$BAA1
PREADY                                        242,$BD57
precedence (See operators, Operator Precedence Table)
Pre-compiler                          10-11,25-26,33-48
pre-compiling interpreter                             5
PRINT (See also XPRINT,:SPRINT)97-98,110,123,127,214-16
Program Editor                  11,25-32,110,Appendix B
Program Executor                             8,11-12,32
PROMPT                                        144,$00C2
prompt                                               95
PS                                            176,$A7BC
PSHRSTK                              77,78-79,221,$B683
PSL                                           175,$A7B6
PSLA                                          175,$A7B9
PSn (i.e., PS1, PS2 etc.)                      57,59-65
PTABW                                      97,144,$00C9
PTRIG (See also XPPTRIG)                        180,204
PUSH                                       43,152,$A228
PUSR                                          177,$A7DA
PUSR1                                         177,$A7DD
PUT (See also XPUT, :SPUT)                92,99,146,239
PUTCHAR                                       235,$BA9F


RAD (See also XRAD, :SRAD)                      105,211
RADFLG                                105,110,145,$00FB
RAM tables                                     10,81-82
:RCONT                                        228,$B872
READ (See also XREAD, :SREAD)                     95-96
     bugs                                    Appendix B
     entry in Runtime Stack                          19
     execution                         103-4,211-13,222
READY (See also PREADY)                   51-52,110,242
rearrangement (See expressions, rearrangement of)
Relative Non-Terminal Vectors (in ABML)              42
REM (See also XREM, :SREM)              106,131,140,154
RESTORE (See also XRESTORE, :SRESTORE)        103-4,211
RETURN (See also XRTN, :SRET)        12,18,79-80,223-24
Return (in ABML)                                     41
:REXPAN                                       225,$B878
Richard’s Rule                               Appendix B
RISASN                                               96
RND (See also XPRND)                      37,69,180,206
RNDLOC                                        143,$D20A
RNTV                                                 44
ROLA:                                        Appendix A
ROM                                           143,$A000
ROM tables                                  9-10,135-36
RORA:                                        Appendix A
RSHFOE                                        261,$DC62
RSHFT0                                        263,$DC3A
RSHFT1                                        263,$DC3E
RSTPTR                                        229,$B8AF
RSTSEOL                                   100,242,$BD99
RTN (in ABML)                              41,44-45,162
RTNVAR                                     96,193,$AC16
RTS                                        45,51,96,106
     as direct statement                          49,52
     execution                                71-73,224
     initialixation                             103,105
     with implied LOAD (See also FRUN)              235
RUNINIT                                       230,$B8F8
RUNSTK                                     19,143,$008E
Runtime Stack                                     10,14
     and FOR, NEXT, GOSUB, RETURN                 76-80
     entry format                                 18-19
     listing                                     133-34
     pointer to                                      19


SADR                                              46-48
SAP (Simple Arithmetic Process)                   33-39
SAVCUR                                        144,$00BE
:SAVDEX                                       228,$B88A
SAVE (See also XSAVE, :SSAVE)           81-83,85-86,139
     as block (See LSBLK)
     execution                                82-83,237
     file format                                  81-82
SAVE “C:”                                            84
SAVEOP                                         57,59-64
:SAVRTOP                                      228,$B881
:SBYE                                         167,$A6BE

scalar                                              126
SCANT                             89-90,97-98,144,$00AF
:SCLOAD                                       167,$A6BE
:SCLOSE                                       170,$A721
:SCLR                                         167,$A6BE
:SCOLOR                                       167,$A6BD
:SCOM                                         173,$A760
:SCONT                                        167,$A6BE
SCRADR                                               90
screen editor                                        25
SCRX                                       92,143,$0055
SCRY                                       92,143,$0054
:SCSAVE                                       167,$A6BE
SCVECT                                        272,$BFF9
:SDATA                                        176,$A7CB
:SDEG                                         167,$A6BE
:SDIM                                         173,$A760
:SDOS                                         167,$A6BE
:SDRAWTO                                      172,$A75D
SEARCH                              29,47,135,155,$A462
:SEND                                         167,$A6BE
:SENTER                                      170, $A724
:SETCODE                                27-29,154,$A2C8
:SETCOLOR (See also XSETCOLOR, :SSETCOLOR)    91-92,232
SETDZ                                         242,$BD72
SETLINE                                    54,226,$B818
SETLN1                                  50,54,226,$B81B
SETSEOL                                    99,242,$BD79
SFNP                                          177,$A7D6
:SFOR                                         167,$A6D2
SFP                                           161,$A678
SFUN                                          165,$A68A
:SGET                                         165,$A6E8
SGN (See also XPSGN)                                180
:SGOSUB                                       167,$A6BD
:SGOTO                                        167,$A6BD
:SGR                                          167,$A6BD
SICKIO                                    101,240,$BCB9
:SIF                                          174,$A794
SIN (See also XPSIN, SIN[X])            105,180,207,243
SIN[X]                                        243,$BDA7
:SINPUT                            169,Appendix B,$A6F4
SKBLANK                                    29,261,$DBA1
:SKCTL                                        143,$D20F
SKPBLANK                                   260-61,$DBA1
:SLET                                         167,$A6C0
SLIS                                          171,$A73C
:SLIST                                        171,$A733
:SLOAD                                        170,$A724
:SLOCATE                                      168,$A6E2
:SLPRINT                                      169,$A700
SMAT                                          165,$A694
SMAT2                                         166,$A69C
:SNEW                                         167,$A6BE
:SNEXT                                        165,$A6EA
:SNOTE                                        172,$A74A
SNTAB (See also Statement Name Table)
SNX2                                   86,101,148,$A053
SOE operator                                      57-66
:SON                                          173,$A763
SOP                                           166,$A6A2
SOPEN                                         238,$BBD1
:SOPEN                                        170,$A71A
SOUND (See also XSOUND, :SSOUND)                 93,232
sound registers (See also SREGn, :SKCTL)         93,143
:SPLOT                                        172,$A75D
:SPOINT                                       172,$A74A
:SPOKE                                        172,$A75D
:SPOP                                         167,$A6BE
:SPOS                                         172,$A75D
:SPRINT                                       169,$A6FC
:SPUT                                         166,$A68A
speed comparisons                                   3-5
SQR (See also XPSQR, SQR[X])                180,208,245
SQR[X]                                        245,$BEE3
:SRAD                                         167,$A6BE
SRCADR                               29,43,43,144,$0095
SRCONT                                  45-46,154,$A2E6
:SREAD                             169,Appendix B,$A6F5
SREGn (i.e., SREG1, SREG2, etc.)      143,$D208,$D201-2
:SREM                                         176,$A7C8
:SREST                                        168,$A6EF
:SRET                                         167,$A6BE
:SRUN                                         170,$A727
:SSAVE                                        170,$A724
:SSETCOLOR                                    172,$A75B
:SSOUND                                       172,$A759
:SSTATUS                                      171,$A741
:SSTOP                                        167,$A6BE
ST (See Statement Table)
stack (See also Argument Stack, Operator Stack,
     Runtime Stack, CPU stack)                     2,12
STACK OVERFLOW error (See also ERRAOS)               66
STARP                                  18,139,143,$008C
Start Of Expression (See SOE Operator)
STAT                                          171,$A744
      execution                                   50-51
      processing                                  28-31
Statement Execution Table (See also STETAB)    9,185-87
Statement Name Table (See also SNTAB)9,40,135-36,159-61

Statement Name Token                           8,12,106
Statement Syntas Table                      10-11,33,40
Statement Table                       10-11,14,49-50,52
      entry format                               17,131
      in LIST                                     87-88
      in NEW                                        110
      in SAVE and LOAD                            81-82
      listing in token form                      129-31
      processing                                     31
STATUS (See also XSTATUS, :SSTATUS)         100,146,239
:STCHAR                                       264,$DC9F
STCOMP                                        165,$A67E
STENUM                                  29,48,144,$00AF
      execution                                   77-78
      in Operator Name Table                        178
      in Runtime Stack                               19
STETAB (See also Statement Execution Table)   185,$AA00
STICK (See also XPSTICK)                        180,204
STINDEX                              65,87-88,144,$00A8
STKLVL                                     43,144,$00A9
STMLBD                                  29-30,144,$00A7
STMTAB                                 17,131,143,$0088
STMCUR                20,31-32,49-54,64,72,88,143,$008A
STMSTRT                                    30,144,$00A8
:STNUM                                        264,$DC9D
STOP (See also XSTOP, :SSTOP)          50,71-72,124,225
STOPLN                                  71-72,110,$00BA
STR (See also XPSTR)
      function                                      205
      routine                                 165,$A682
STR$                                                180
:STRAP                                        167,$A6BD
STRCMP                                        202,$AF81
STRIG (See also XPSTRIG)                        180,204
String/Array Table                         10,106-7,127
      pointers into                           15-16,143
      entry format                                   18
      SAVEing                                       139
      use of, in Execute Expression               66-67
      assign operator                           200-202
      bug                                    Appendix B
      comparisons (See STRCMP)
      constants (literals)                       89,131
      variables                   15-18,66-67,70,96,107
subscripts (See arrays, ‘(’ and ‘,’)
subtraction (See FSUB, FRSUB, ‘-’)
SVAR                                          165,$A68F
SVCOLOR                                    92,143,$02FB
SVDISP                                  77,79,144,$00B2
SVVNTP                                     26,144,$00AD
SVVVTE                                     27,144,$00B1
:SXIO                                         170,$A718
symbols                                             1,4
     in language creation                         33-39
SYN:                                         Appendix A
SYNENT                                     42,151,$A1C3
SYNTAX                                     74,148,$A060
syntax                                 1,10-11,23,29-30
      analysis of                                 37-39
      bugs with                              Appendix B
      creation of                                 35-39
      instruction codes                           40-42
      memory organization                        148-53
      tables                               40-42,162-77
syntaxer (See Pre-compiler)
Syntax Stack                                      23,43


tables                                             9-10
      Function Name Table                           180
      Operator Execution Table                 9,187-89
      Operator Name Table         9,46,89,135-36,177-80
      Operator Precedence Table
                       9-10,56,137-38,193-94,Appendix B
      RAM tables                       11,81-82,110,143
      ROM tables                                   9-10
      Runtime Stack            10,14,18-19,76-80,133-34
      Statement Execution Table                9,185-87
      Statement Name Table           9,40,135-36,159-61
      Statement Syntax Table                      10-11
      Statement Table
      String/Array Table             10,13,18,106-7,127
      syntax tables                        40-42,162-77
      Variable Name Table
      Variable Value Table
TENDST                                  51,52,188,$A9E2
terminal symbol                                   34-36
TERMTST                                 44-49,154,$A2A9
TEXP                                          172,$A755
THEN (See also XIF, :SIF)                     58,76,178
TNCON                                      47,157,$A400
TNVAR                                      46,155,$A32A
TO                                              131,178
tokens                              5-8,15,17,88-89,135

TOPRSTK                                       143,$0090
transcendental functions                          207-9
translators                                         1-3
TRAP (See also XTRAP, :STRAP)             73,76,225,231
TRAPLN                              73,76,110,144,$00BC
true (See XTRUE)
TSCON                                   47,157-58,$A428
TSLNUM                      27,52-53,77,79,87,144,$00A0
TSTALPH                                       157,$A3F3
:TSTCHAR                                      261,$DBBB
TSTEND                                        230,$B910
TSTNUM                                        261,$DBAF
TSVAR                                         155,$A32E
TVAR                                          155,$A330


UNARY                                         162,$A618
unary + and -                            179,Appendix B
USR (See also XPUSR)                            180,206


VAL (See also XPVAL)                            180,204
Variable Name Table                         10,13,35,46
      entry format                                   15
      in NEW                                        110
      in SAVE and LOAD                            81-82
      listing                             123-24,135-36
variables (See also numeric v, string v, array v)  8,95
      finding and listing                        139-40
      listing                                    123-28
      tokens                                    8,88-89
Variable Value Table         10,13,27,46,66-67,78,106-7
      entry format                                15-17
      in SAVE and LOAD                            81-82
      listing                                    125-28
VEXP (in ABML)                             41,44-45,162
VNT (See Variable Name Table)
VNTD                                   20,123,143,$0084
VNTP                               15,123,139,143,$0082
VNUM                                              66-68
VVT (See Variable Value Table)
VVTP                                       17,143,$0086


WARMFL                                109-110,143,$0008
WARMSTART                             109-110,148,$A04D
WORD                                                122
WVVTPT                                        144,$009D


XBYE                                      105,185,$A9E8
XCLOAD                                        237,$BBAC
XCLOSE                                    100,239,$BC1B
XCLR                                       72,224,$B766
XCMP                                          196,$AD26
XCOLOR                                     91,233,$BA29
XCOM                                          210,$B1D9
XCONT                                   71-72,225,$B7BE
XCSAVE                                        237,$BBA4
XDATA                                     301,185,$A9E7
XDEG                                      105,211,$B261
XDIM                                    106-7,210,$B1D9
XDOS                                      105,185,$A9EE
XDRAWTO                              91,92-93,233,$BA31
XEND                                 52,71-72,225,$B78D
XENTER                                  85-86,235,$BACB
XEOS                                          167,$A6BD
XERR                                      106,230 $B91E
XFALSE                                        195,$AD00
XFOR                                 51,77-78,220,$B64B
XFORM                                         269,$DE95
XGET                                       97,239,$BC7F
XGOSUB                              79,87,103,221,$B6A0
XGOTO                             75,76,79-80,221,$B6A3
XGR                                        91,234,$BA50
XGS                                           222,$B6C7
XIF                                        76,224,$B778
XIN0                                       96,213,$B326
XINA                                95-96,104,213,$B335
x index                                           69-70
XINPUT                              95-96,104,213,$B316
XINT                                          207,$B0E6
XINX                                       96,214,$B389
XIO (See also XXIO, :SXIO)                   99-100,238
XIRTS                                         214,$B3A1
XISTR                                      96,213,$B35E
XLET                                      105,189,$AAE0
XLIST                                51,86-87,216,$B483
XLOAD                                72,83-84,236,$BAFB
XLOCATE                                    92,240,$BC95
XLPRINT                                 98-99,216,$B464
XNEW                                  109,110,147,$A00C
XNEXT                                   78-79,222,$B6CF
XNOTE                                     100,239,$BC36
XON                                        80,226,$B7ED
XOPEN                                      99,238,$BBEB
XOP1                                       99,238,$BBED
XPAASN                                        197,$AD5F
XPABS                                         206,$B0AE
XPACOM                                        197,$AD79
XPALPRN                                       198,$AD86
XPAND                                         195,$ACE3
XPASC                                         204,$B012
XPATN                                         207,$B12F

XPCHR                                         205,$B067
XPCOS                                         207,$B125
XPDIV                                         194,$ACA8
XPDLPRN                                       197,$AD82
XPEOL                                         215,$B446
XPEOS                                      98,215,$B446
XPEQ                                          195,$ACDC
XPEXP                                         208,$B14D
XPFRE                                         204,$AFEB
XPGE                                          195,$ACD5
XPGT                                          195,$ACCC
XPINT                                         208,$B0DD
XPL10                                         208,$B143
XPLE                                          195,$ACB5
XPLEN                                         203,$AFCA
XPLOG                                         208,$B139
XPLOT                                      92,234,$BA76
XPLT                                          195,$ACC5
XPMINUS                                       194,$AC8D
XPMUL                                      69,194,$AC96
XPNE                                          195,$ACBE
XPNOT                                         195,$ACF9
XPOINT                                    100,239,$BC4D
XPOKE                                     105,211,$B24C
XPOP                                       80,227,$B841
XPOR                                          195,$ACEE
XPOS                                       92,233,$BA16
XPPDL(See also :GRF)                          204,$B022
XPPEEK                                        203,$AFE1
XPPLUS                                        194,$AC84
XPPOWER                                       208,$B165
XPPTRIG (See also :GRF)                       204,$B02A
XPR0                                       98,214,$B3BE
XPRINT                               86,97-98,214,$B3B6
XPRIOD                                     98,215,$B437
XPRND                                         206,$B08B
XPRPRN                                        197,$AD7B
XPRTN                                      98,215,$B458
XPSEQ                                         195,$ACDC
XPSGE                                         195,$ACD5
XPSGN                                         196,$AD19
XPSGT                                         195,$ACCC
XPSIN                                         207,$B11B
XPSLE                                         195,$ACB5
XPSLPRN                                       199,$AE26
XPSLT                                         195,$ACC5
XPSNE                                         195,$ACBE
XPSQR                                         208,$B157
XPSTICK (See also CR0)                        204,$B026
XPSTR                                         205,$B049
:XPSTR                                     98,215,$B3F8
XPSTRIG (See also :GRF)                       204,$B02E
XPSxxxx (i.e., string operator execution routines)  195
XPTAB                                                98
XPUMINUS                           194,Appendix B,$ACA8
XPUPLUS                                       194,$ACB4
XPUSR                                         206,$B0BA
XPUT                                       99,239,$BC72
XPVAL                                         204,$B000
XPxxxx (i.e., operator and function
                    execution routines) 69,194-97,203-9
XRAD                                      105,211,$B266
XRD3                                       96,212,$B2D0
XREAD                                   103-4,211,$B283
XREM                                      106,185,$A9E7
XREST                                     104,211,$B26B
XRTN                                79,87,104,223,$B719
XRUN                                 51,71-73,224,$B74D
XSAASN                                        200,$AEA3
XSAVE                                   82-83,237,$BB5D
XSETCOLOR                               91-92,232,$B9B7
XSOUND                                     93,232,$B9DD
XSPV                                          200,$AE96
XSTATUS                                   100,239,$BC28
XSTOP                             50,71-72,96,225,$B793
XTRAP                                      76,225,$B7E1
XTRUE                                         195,$AD05
XXIO                                       99,238,$BB55


y index                                           69-70


z=[X-C]/[X+C] (See also XFORM)                   269-70
zero default with DIM                               127
zero page
      floating point work area                      143
      pointers                            20,110,143-44
      RAM locations                                 144
ZFP                                           143,$00D2
ZICB                                          143,$0020
ZPADEC                                        203,$AFBC
ZPG1                                          143,$0080
ZVAR                                          229,$B8C0