KSquiggle’s Atari 8-bit Programming Shrine

This is Kevin Chase’s little corner of the internet, sometimes known as ksquiggle, due to my illegible signature.

I’m currently an engineer working at Microsoft, but I spent my academic career working in physics, studying fragmentation distributions (among other things). Back in 1996, I applied some of that knowledge to a little Java applet that produced percolation lattices. No one does that anymore (Java applets, that is) so I’ve reproduced it in JavaScript.

In the 1980s, I learned to program on an Atari 800, and like some I never lost my love of that old machine. To revisit those days, here’s a growing collection of programming resources for the Atari 8-bit computers. My goal here is to make as much source code from that era easily readable in modern HTML browsers so that more people can learn about how software then was constructed. Enjoy!

Atari Assembly Language Programming / Atari Reference

Forth / LISP / LOGO / PILOT Programming

Action! Programming

100% Machine Language Games with Assembly Source Code from Magazines / Books

Assembly Language Demos/Utilites/Applications with Source Code from Magazines

BASIC Programs with Assembly Language Subroutine listings

Commented Assembly Language Source Code Listings

Published Assembly Language Source Code Books

Atari Magazine Columns

Atari Miscellany